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Welcome to my newly redesigned

by ALKAL on February 2, 2015 , No comments

New year, new thoughts, new targets, new website…

This is my first blog post for 2015 and I am very happy about that because it has been written using the redesigned alkal website!

The redesign process included:

  • New ALKAL logo
  • User interface revamp
  • Language change for main website pages from greek to english, because it is needed for me to contact my thoughts, interest and achievements with other enthusiastic designers and developers from all over the world
  • New main category named as “Porfolio” where I will present my personal projects in UI design and web development
  • New main category named as “Exposure” where I will exhibit my personal portfolio as amateur photographer.

Regarding my new ALKAL logo, it has been designed reflecting my interests and what I can really provide as services. The Brush – Tag icon depicts my personal effort to use design tools and state of the art techniques appropriately so as to provide a pixel perfect website and/or web application through a creative development process.

ALKAL Business Card

Feel free to browse in all main categories and contact with me for recommendations and suggestions.


Alexandros Kalamatianos – ALKAL

ALKALWelcome to my newly redesigned

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