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Thoughts for Javascript Frameworks

by ALKAL on August 1, 2014 , No comments

Generally speaking, Javascript framework is the set of pre-written Javascript code that helps developers to create easier Javascript based applications. Using a framework, apps development becomes much easier using same blocks of code rather than to write the same line of code each time individually.

There are plenty of Javascript frameworks (and their communities respectively), which can be found anywhere on the web with having different type of working capabilities, according to the situation where they have been used. The selection of the best (and suitable) framework is really a tough job and it also requires the complete knowledge about the language so that one can find really useful stuff. Here [Comparison of JavaScript frameworks] you can find an extended analysis about of the most well-known Javascript frameworks.

Some of the most usage Javascript frameworks are Backbone, Ember.js, and Angular.js. Earlier today, I read the following interesting comment and I think that it was a nice food for thoughts and search about the weekend!

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ALKALThoughts for Javascript Frameworks

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