How I Capture Moments of Life

Creating feelings through camera lens

Wanted to express my creativity and feelings, combined with my professional skills, photography was the awesome way. I am a self-touch amateur photographer taking part in many seminars, workshops and online communities.

I have preference for landscapes, travel and portrait photography focusing on the narrative of subject as it is presented to my eyes keeping nature light in any case.

Trying to turn feeling into beautiful images and conversely, I have created the current online portfolio presenting my photographs, my creations, my feelings.

If you think that I have a talent and you want to teach me new photograph techniques and tips or if you wish to use any of my photos, please contact me.

Argosaronikos Gulf

Summer Moments

Floisvos, Athens

My Wife's Portrait

Summer Sunset @ Aegina


Summer Night @ Amorgos

Autum @ North Nafpaktos

Panagia Xozoviotissa @ Amorgos

Summer Sunset @ Chora Amorgos

Limeni, Mani - Greece

Limeni, Mani - Greece