What I Have Done

Some works I am quite proud of

Commercial Freelance Projects


CiTY is a bags brand, inspired by the people using it, ready to be part of their everyday life, 100% personalizable, made to last, always keeping in mind to be (also) affordable.

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MyUrbanDrops was born in Milan, in the neighborhood of zona Tortona, where the art, culture and lifestyle takes shape. Unique jewels and accessories are designed with love and devotion.

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DOVANKO MARINE INC. was founded in 1988 and since then the company operates successfully in all areas of shipping services.

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Fathom WMA Ltd.

Fathom Wealth Management Advisors Ltd (Fathom WMA Ltd) is a Cyprus Investment Firm authorised and regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission under the license number 306/16.

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ΜΕΑΤMARK SH Ltd. is a meat processing and packing company, with specialization in poultry. Having launched a series of high quality poultry products right from the start and for many years on end, the company then moved on to the pork meat production and distribution. Their products are produced in their own modern and up-to-date facilities under strict quality control, according to ELOT EN ISO 2200: 2005 & HACCP.

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Alexandros & Asi’s Wedding Website

I met my wife one summer night at the Aeginas island. After two year we decided to be married there we have met!!! Our wedding website born with the intention to help our guests in their movement and accommodation.

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Giorgogianni’s Agrifarm

Giorgogiannis’ Agrifarm is an agricultural startup company was founded in 2013 and located in Peloponnesos, to the south-west  of Greece. On Giorgogiannis’ Agrifarm believe that what is born from the earth must be consumed alive and in the right reason. As a result, their actions have the minimum ecological impact possible, without the extensive use of fertilizers and strong pesticides
Giorgogiannis’ Agrifarm asked me to design a responsive single – page layout, with a minimalist, easy to use design, given the need to presents quickly agrifarm’s believes and products.
Technical Details: Drupal 7 CMS